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 [IMPORTANT] Application Layout and Rules

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PostSubject: [IMPORTANT] Application Layout and Rules   Thu May 13, 2010 10:01 am

Application Layout

Position Applying For :-

Time Zone and usual Times you are active online :-

Any forums/in game names throughout your history :-

Previous Experience with dekaron/job applying for :-

How will you give yourself to the community :-

How Active are you :-

How dedicated are you :-

How many languages do you speak :-

Why are you applying to be staff :-

How Long have you been in Dekaron-Fantasy :-

Information about yourself :-

Why should we pick you out of all the other candidates :-

Any other comments :-

Application Layout [DEVELOPERS]

Tell us about yourself :-

Previous experience? :-

What you can do? :-

What you could do for us [game] :-

What you could do for us [forum] :-

In your opinion, what characteristics should Developer have and do you have them? :-

In your opinion, how important for Developer is to communicate with players on a regular basis? :-

Why exactly apply here, at Dekaron-Fantasy? :-

Application Rules

Font Rule :-
- You can't add in any bigger fonts apart from any headings or the questions possibly. Font color and the font type is aloud to be changed and the use of underline, bold and italics is also aloud but no Enourmous fonts. Just default font sizes are aloud.

Spaming :-
- PLEASE dont spam. It is ok if you like the applications and applicants but please do not keep on posting on the same thread over and over again. It results in too many pages and a good application with 2 pages can beat one with 50+ pages, so it does not matter about the amount of pages you have. If we spot anyone continually spaming an application then steps will be taken.

Respect :-
- PLEASE respect all applications and applicants just like you would like to be respect if you applied or have applied.

Flaming :-
- PLEASE do not flame. This is not tolerated. We only allow constructive criticism. If you are caught disrespecting or flaming the thread without reason or insulting the applicants then steps will be taken. Any other form of flame is treated in the same manner. If you have nothing nice or constructive to say then dont say anything!

Bumping :-
- PLEASE do not bump your or anyone else application every time it goes down, we will look at everyone's application before choosing a new staff, whether it's at the top or the bottom.

Yes or no :-
- If you think they deserve it and can do it say yes, if you don't say no, can't get any simpler. It would be advised that you justify your reason though but constructive critism only.

1 post applications :-
- PLEASE just 1 applications from you. These applications are allowed but they have a 95% chance of not being accepted. If you want to be staff you have to get to know the community and prove yourself and thats on forums and possibly in-game if you are applying for gm.

Locking Rule :-
- If at any point in time you decide you only want staff to be able to comment on your app, make a post on your app saying so, or PM a member of staff so that we can lock it for you. Of course, if it is not locked ALL players are entitled to give there opinion, and no one is to say otherwise.

What you should do when hired

Moderators :-
- A moderators job is to clean up the forums and to help people. Make sure that no one steps out of line. It is mostly forum based work. 80%+ of being a mod is on the forums. The rest is in-game to maybe help a gm.

What we looking for?
►Known in the community.
►Trustworthy person.
►Hard working person.
►ACTIVE in forum / ingame.

Developers :-
- Developers are the ones that are always trying to fix bugs and sort out errors with the client and other things. They fix the skills and other bugs and work on new content as well. Experience is what we need!

What we looking for?
►Known in the community.
►EXPERIENCE. [This is what we need]
►Hard working person.
►Trustworthy person.
►ACTIVE in forum. [To lets everyone know about server info]

Game Master :-
- Game Master are the ones that make events and generally make players happy in game. Game Master is mostly in game work but is also expected a lot from. In here, a gm is expected to post on forums to help out moderators.

What we looking for?
►Known in the community.
►Trustworthy person.
►Hard working person.
►ACTIVE in forum / ingame.

#Fantasy-Gaming Staff

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[IMPORTANT] Application Layout and Rules
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