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 My Gm Application

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PostSubject: My Gm Application   Wed Jun 23, 2010 10:22 pm

Time Zone and usual Times you are active online :-(UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada),I am usally on by 6:02 in the morning But i have a certain time i get off im off of school for the summer
Any forums/in game names throughout your history :-I really had not to many names in other dekarons/forums but they were{GM} Ziotice,T0x1c,BrandyLoves but i had no history of rude names
Previous Experience with dekaron/job applying for :-i havent really been a GM or A mod but i was a GM for a sever called TeskaMEpo DEakron i was a Gm for that

How will you give yourself to the community :-
By helping the sever out i will help it grow i will make sure its clean and no hackers for sure
How Active are you :-I play 8-12 hours a day and I play 9 hours a weekdays

How dedicated are you :-
Im dedicated to do it i will help people with there question's and help out any way I can I will try my hardest.
How many languages do you speak :-

Why are you applying to be staff :-
Becouse im tired of seeing people complain to few Gm and staffs I want to help out and try to stop the problems on the forums.
How Long have you been in Dekaron-Fantasy :-

Information about yourself :-
My name is Chris S i am 18 and im dedicate to this sever now and i am very responsible to handle a big job but i have a squeky voice
Why should we pick you out of all the other candidates :-Becous I think i am very dedicated to this and im willing to put my responsibility into action for this sever

Any other comments :-Yes I want to serusly get this sever back on its feet there will be no dout i will help,If things look bad i will promise to be very helpfull
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My Gm Application
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